Welcome to the Transition Support for Youth in Out-of-Home Care training.  Please choose one option below and enter the enrollment key in the box at the bottom of the screen. The enrollment keys must be entered exactly as written, including special characters.

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A critical element of creating a safe, predictable environment is to ensure smooth transitions for youth. Transitions include moves such as being placed from the birth home into a foster home, moves from one foster home to another, being placed into a group home or treatment setting, moving into an adoptive home or returning to the birth home from foster care.  The purpose of this portion of the training is to enhance your learning around transitions. This session focuses on how change impacts the youth, you, and your  family.   Strategies are introduced to help you prepare for and manage the emotional impact (stress, fear, uncertainty, pain, loneliness, anxiety and hopelessness) that are often a part of the transition process.

The learning objectives are to:

  •    Learn how to prepare for periods of transition
  •    Learn how transitions impact youth
  •    Identify ways to respond to youth through transitions
  •    Recognize how youth are coping with the transition
  •    Increase awareness about the impact of transitions on you and your family