E-Learning Orientation

These tutorial modules will guide you through how to access your online courses and get the most out of our E-Learning site.

Logging In + Out

Watch a short video module for help logging into and out of Moodle.

Accessing Courses

Get help with accessing your courses in Moodle.

Using Enrollment Keys

Some courses require an enrollment key. This video module will show you how to enroll in these courses.

Training Credit Eligibility Check

Information on how to check if you are eligible for course credit before you begin a course.

Receiving Training Credit

Information on how to receive training credit once you complete a course.

TRC Helpdesk

How to submit a trouble ticket to the TRC technical support helpdesk.

Completing Activities

Get help with completing course activities.

Watching Videos

Learn some helpful tips for watching videos in your course modules.

Downloading Items

How to download materials you may need for your courses.

Uploading Media

How to upload other types of media files to Moodle.

Modifying Your Profile Picture

How to add a profile picture and make other changes to your Moodle profile.

Bookmarking Links

How to bookmark pages so you can easily return to them later on.

Changing the Default PDF Viewer

How to change the default program for viewing PDF documents on your computer.