Frequently Asked Questions

Click the question below to find the answer to many of our frequently asked questions. For video tutorials, please visit the TRC LMS Orientation page, which is accessible from anywhere in the learning management system by clicking "site home" in the navigation bar. If you are still having problems, please contact the Helpdesk by clicking here. Helpdesk hours are Monday-Friday from 8:00AM-4:30PM. Requests received outside those hours will be responded to the following business day. Before making a request, please view the topics below. You may find your answer here!

I have no account or I have forgotten my username and/or password, what do I do?

Your username and password are the same as your TRIS, (or ECE-TRIS if you are an ECE user), username and password. If you have never had a TRIS account created, please complete the Helpdesk Request, and indicate exactly which training community you belong to: DCBS staff, Foster and Adoptive Parent, or ECE user. If you have forgotten your username or password, DCBS staff should visit the DCBS TRIS site and follow the instructions under I forgot my username and or password. Foster and Adoptive Parents will need to visit the FAP TRIS site and complete the information under I forgot my username and or password.

Finally, ECE users will need to visit the ECE TRIS site and either select recover username or reset password. Once your password is reset and then changed by you to a more secure password, you will be able to log in. For all other issues, or if you still need assistance, please contact the Helpdesk and complete the Helpdesk Request completely and accurately. Someone will contact you back as soon as possible.

Where is my enrollment key?

Enrollment keys are specific to web based trainings and typically you will receive an email telling you that there is a training you need to complete. Read this email carefully because many times the enrollment key is stated in the email. However, if you cannot find the key in the email, click the link for the training and you will be redirected to the learning management system where you will log in using your TRIS username and password. Once logged in you will be greeted with the course entry page, where the enrollment key will be listed on that page. Hint: Most Enrollment Keys will either have a red arrow pointing to them or a stop sign indicating their location.

Why doesn't my enrollment key work?

From time to time you may experience a problem with the enrollment key. If you do, first check to be sure you have entered the key exactly as it appears on the screen, including proper upper and/or lowercase letters, as well as special characters. All enrollment keys case sensitive. Also, in some web browsers, copy/paste does not work correctly, so be sure to type the key in and do not copy/paste. Finally, if you have the auto-complete and password saving features enabled in your browser, you may see an enrollment key has been automatically populated in the box asking for it. This IS NOT the key for the training you are trying to access but rather a key for some other training that you have inadvertently saved. Delete the key from the box and TYPE in the correct key, paying attention to special characters, upper/lowercase, and punctuation.

How do I know if I am eligible for training credit?

All web based trainings will have a link in the beginning of the training for you to click. It will tell you whether you are eligible for training credit or not. If you are not eligible for credit, you may still take the training as a refresher. Also, the link will tell you when you will be eligible for training credit for the training in question.

I am enrolled in my academy course, but why can't I see any modules?

All academy courses open on a pre-determined schedule. Once you are registered in TRIS, you will be enrolled into the course, but not into your cohort until the opening date. Once the course opens your modules will appear. If the course has opened and your modules do not appear, please contact the Helpdesk for further assistance.

My RTC told me to log in to "Moodle" but how do I do that?

Moodle is the platform we use for our online learning opportunities. To log in you will navigate to in your web browser and use your TRIS username and password (ECE will use their ECE-TRIS credentials). If you have never logged into TRIS before, you will first be redirected to update your password. Do this and then return to the learning management system.

I completed my tutorial, but the progress bar is not checked, what's up with that?

There are two reasons this will happen. First, there is an activity within the tutorial that needs to be completed and/or answered correctly before you are given credit, or you are clicking through the tutorial too fast for the tutorial to send the information back to the learning management system. The easiest way to fix this is to use the "previous" button to back all the way to the beginning of the tutorial and progress through it again. A second option is to exit the tutorial and then on the entry page, check the box that says "start a new attempt." If you have tried these options and still are having trouble contact the Helpdesk so we can help troubleshoot.

I completed my quiz, journal, paper, or other assignment but it did not mark complete, why?

For submitted assignments and quizzes that do not mark complete, there are typially two reasons. Reason #1: Check to be sure you submitted the assignment and it is not in "draft mode." To do this navigate back to the assignment and be sure you have no option to submit the assignment. Reason #2: This is an assignment that will not mark complete until the trainer or instructor grades it. If you need to check the status of one of these assignments you will need to contact the assigned trainer or instructor for the course.

What's up with the red "x" in my progress bar?

The red "x" indicates that you have answered a question incorrectly in a tutorial or you failed a quiz. If you fail a quiz, you will need to discuss this with your instructor. For tutorials, go to the summary slide (the last one) and it will tell you what was answered incorrectly. Click the slide number and revisit that slide to redo the question. If you would like to redo all of the questions select "Retry" on the summary slide and it will reset the tutorial.

I completed my training but did not receive credit, why is that?

For academy courses credit is issued by the assigned trainer. Please contact them for assistance with these courses. For web based trainings, credit is issued in all but a few by clicking a link at the bottom of each course that becomes active once all requirements are met. Revisit the course and click the link. If that does not resolve the issue, please contact the Helpdesk for further assistance.

Where can I get my training certificate for my ECE Course?

Training certificates are not generated in our system. Training credit is written directly to your ECE account when you successfully complete a training. If you need to print proof of completion for your employer, you will need to log in to your ECE TRIS account and select "view my traning record" and print proof from there.

I received a weird pop up message that says my internet connection is unreliable, how do I fix this?

This message is warning you that your internet connection is either very slow or very unstable. The reason you receive this message is because the learning management system will allow you to continue through your tutorial but if your connection is lost, your progress in that tutorial will also be lost. If you are in a state office, try to wait a bit and return back to the tutorial. If you are working off site, try to change internet connections.

My trainer sent me a message saying my ADT had blank checkboxes, what do I do?

First, be sure you are using Adobe Acrobat reader as your default PDF reader/editor. There is an excellent tutorial video on the Orientation page that will guide you through doing this. You can also view the video by clicking here. If you have followed these steps and still cannot get your boxes on the PDF to show completed, print the completed form, scan it back to your computer, and then upload the scanned copy.

How do I upload an audio and/or video file into my course?

Click Here for a video explaining how this is done. Please be sure to save the file as an "MP3" file.